Pantry organization

Friday - 30 October 2020

An organized pantry is important on so many levels. It not only saves you from the frustration of having items fall out of your cupboards, but it also saves you money. How many times have you arrived home from the grocery store to find that you've purchased yet again an item you already had hidden in the back of your shelves? Having a neat and functional pantry also helps with weekly meal prep because you can easily assess what you have on hand and what you need to pick up during your next shopping trip. Here are a few tips to help you regain control on those ever important shelves and keep them organized in the long term as well.

Empty the entire contents of your pantry

It sounds drastic and that's because it is! You want big results; you need a clean slate to work with. Doing this will also allow you to give your pantry a good clean up and if your shelves are adjustable it's much easier to move things around when they are empty. Take advantage of this time to check over expiration dates and chuck packages that have been left open or may have spilled.

Group items by category

Before you return the contents of your pantry to the shelves, sort them by category. Place all baking items together, all spices together, breakfast cereals and oatmeal together. Think of a logical grouping system that works according to how you browse your pantry. Put your nut butters with your cereals and oatmeal for when you are searching for breakfast ideas. Place all your canned and jarred M'Lord vegetables together for easy weeknight meal inspiration.

Raise it up

A small investment that will help you gain visibility in your pantry is a shelf riser. These little steps are ideal for storing spices, small jars, and canned goods. Nothing will get lost in the back of your shelves if you can see them all.

Turn it 'round

Do you have a collection of fancy vinegars and oils that keep getting pushed to the back of the shelves? Easy solution, use a Lazy Susan to easily access all those tall bottles.

Once you've completed the big pantry makeover keep it at peak performance with a weekly assessment. Take a few minutes when you do your grocery list check-up to tidy up any items that may have lost their way during the week. Not only will it help you to keep things in check but you'll have a better idea of what you're fully stocked in and what you need to buy more of. Be sure to always keep an assortment of M'Lord roasted vegetables on hand for easy meal starters. Add them to rice, noodles, or make a fast and delicious salad and your dinner practically makes itself.

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